You could consider the most important function of property project management is planning! The more complex the project the more planning that is required in the early stages, this will maximise your chances of a successful outcome. In this stage we would spend time detailing the specific actions and work structures that will be required towards realising the vision. Planning also involves testing the feasibility, completing the due diligence process, refining the concept, preparing the estimates and project schedules, coming up with a set of concept drawings, going through the town planning process and subject to obtaining planning permits then working drawings are drawn up and other preconstruction documentation process as required towards obtaining construction and other permits.
This stage may involve a collaboration of work between number of our trusted network of professionals that include, but is not limited to, other property developers, architects/drafters, builders, planners, surveyors, engineers, designers and financial services, to deliver you industry best practices.

“What’s planned becomes possible!”